Japanese Make-up Daiso Haul & some


Hello, a minute has gone by and I haven’t done much damage, however, boredom on a Sunday afternoon brought me to Daiso. It doesn’t help that I live so close as well. If you aren’t aware already, Daiso is a Japanese almost “Dollar Tree or .99 cent” store version. Of course, prices can vary in the bigger Daiso stores. I’ve done a similar haul like this a few years back. It hasn’t changed much but I’ve discovered new things. The store is known for $1.50 on most items. I know for a fact thought that I have not spent more then $10 for any item there before. Even when I visited the Gigantic 2 floors Daiso in Canada, prices were reasonable. I would have to say the quality of their products are likely much better as well. They sell from snacks to house ware stuff and even make up of all things. Here’s a mini peek and review of the make up rounds I made. And some on the receipt.

The Damage

I decided to do a mini haul along the make up aisle. And like many previous strolls, there are usually the same products and brands. I am not familiar with Japanese Daiso brands too much but I recognize the products from time to time.



Liquid Eyeliner Dip
Neutral Rose shimmer Eye Palette
Can never have too many Mascaras


Block thick Crayon-like Eyeliner Pencil

The make up reminded me of ELF brand. Now if you are one who doesn’t require a lot of pigment, this may be the place for you. Otherwise, you can try it once and pass it on, especially for the shadow palette. Because I am going to a very tropical place in December, I figured these colors would go well with the theme.

I bought these make up to try and to carry on with me on an upcoming trip in December which I will be blogging and vlogging about in the near future. Stay connected with me here and find out where I’m headed next !!! -> https://cityscapesandmore.wordpress.com/.

I think its safe to say after spending $26.xx at this store, including some snacks and other items, it wasn’t too bad. The fun part was looking at items that were so essentially useful in our daily lives but we never think about buying. Such as these boot stand holders, shoe gel soles or cute mugs with covers.



Coffee break: Stairway to Heaven ???


An incredible idea came upon me tonight as I browsed through designing your own home. It is not that time yet for me but I always thought that I would at least have a decent walk in closet. However, I did not imagine this much above. When I found this photo, I automatically thought about stairway to heaven as every girl dreamt about a closet bigger than their bedroom. I do not know if I would fill up that whole room. But then again, if I was able to afford such a place, who wouldn’t be able to fill it up and some.

Anyhow, this post was not about the huge closet or materials inside the photo, rather the inspiration to keep on dreaming as big as you can. Even if not all dreams are reached, its the dreams that continue to keep us alive.

Credit: http://www.zillow.com/digs/traditional-closets-1826773884/

Cleaning out the Little Closet.. Literally

I realize that if I cannot organize my personal things at home then in my general life, I am just as of hot a mess. Recently, I’ve been putting time into throwing things out or donating what is still good from the jewelry and make up sections. That one day I may need it mind set needs to be erased from my head forever. So today, I was able to hang up some jewelry neatly, throw some hair pieces in a drawer with enough space and downsize my scarf collection. The scarves were the hardest to get rid of as I am a vivid scarf collector. *Not Shown


There are 3 questions you should ask yourself before hoarding becomes a problem.

  1. Do your find yourself using it in the next 6 months?
  2. When was the last time you used it?
  3.  Are there too much dust on it?

Ok, question 3 may answer questions 1 and 2 for you but I have set aside these questions for myself. Sometimes, all 3 will help you comprehends the situation. The holidays sales are the worse for me because right after it, comes all those luring 50-75% off sales that I truly do not need to tend to. A great note to self, there will always be another year of those wonderful clearance.

IMG_4752 IMG_4750

First Time Panning


Make up shadows that is. I recently bought a Z-palette finally and decided to take out shadows I had abandon temporarily. I figured if I can put them all in one, I’d use them more often. Love this new palette I have by the way. Sleek, simple, cute and convenient. It was approximately about $20.00 after tax and shipping through Amazon. I know they may sell them anywhere and for different prices. But the quality of this was fair. I was worried about the magnet longevity but this one does not seem like it will fail on me later on. Anyhow, this is pretty much my process.


You will need a thin tool to be able to pull these babies out. Some jumped right out while others took a little more effort. I was not able to complete more tonight but its in process and I am enjoying it a lot. Would love tips from anyone who does this often and practice the fastest way to get them out.

Fave-Past-Time Korean influence Summer Wear

As summer comes to an end, I wanted to share some of the summer highlights that I encountered through various picks of my fave past time street summer wear. They are nothing special but still stood out to me. With the wavering heat and clear skies most of us had depending on your region, it was easy to throw on less clothes.

I like the USA tee in this one. Notice it does not plain take over the shirt but only the top. It makes a nice fashionable statement.
Im not big on overalls but this suspender skirt was really cute and caught my eyes instantly.
summer wear tank
Cant go wrong with denim shorts and a tank tee with graffiti on it.
I dont know if I will ever find myself wearing pants like this anymore since Im feeling passed that age, however, they also drew me in when I found these pics. It is all about the pants. They only time I may consider putting stripe pants on. She makes them look cool.
skull outfit
This can come through as an autumn wear but I included this because of the big bold sweater she has on. I love it. Black and white can never go wrong.
Simple and chic at the same time. Love the colored paints with the black leather jacket. Something I can see myself wearing most of the time.
Such a girly look but polk-a-dots are so fun to wear if they fit you right. She just looks ready for summer.
Another fun usual street wear you will see common. Denim jacket and a pink skirt go well together. Its a quick throw on without much effort for the summer. To add with the simple plain look, wear a tee with some statement as she has a zebra animal print on.
Boy shorts and shoes are the statement for me here. You dont have to try to hard and be comfortable yet still make a good street fashion icon.

Photo Credits Found Online. In no way are the photos mine. They are used for favorite inspirational only.

A Coastal Scents first time Purchase

My babies came finally in the mail. It is my first time purchase from Coastal Scents. I needed new brushes and a friend recommended these brushes. So far, they are ok. If you don’t need heavy pick ups, they work ok. I haven’t experienced any shedding of brush hair and that is my worse pet peeve when it comes to make up.And then while shopping online for brushes, I got sucked into buying some semi-loose shimmer eye make up too. T-T I have not tried using them yet but I will have to do a next show first impression next time. I admit this summer has been so hot in town, I’ve limited on using so much make up. My face has also gotten so tan as well. Anyhow, love it or not, the brushes are staying put until I decide to get fancier ones. I try not to keep too many brushes around anymore. They take up time to clean and they get dirty quickly. Not to mention, I lose them too easily. So going cheap is okay sometimes. For 22 brushes, I got them for under 20.xx bucks. Not bad at all. I was so worried they be too good to be true. I’ve had bad luck with ELF and other cheap brands. Its ok, you get to experience the worse only at the beginning as you get better in make up.




20150106_115442 20150106_115508

Random Korean Fashion review – early Autumn wear

I don’t know why I haven’t done one of these but here I go. I adore Korean fashion quite much. Let me add as well, that not all posted are from Korean sites but are inspired. I don’t find myself in them often, since come on, let’s be real they won’t carry it in my size. Sure, if it does not fit oneself to begin with, they aren’t made for me, you’d think. I don’t care. It’s still nice to be inspired. Anyhow, I still like to search and pair up styles. Here are just a few pics from online I’ve chosen as “I’d like to have in my closet” forever.

I’ve been obsessed with leather sleeves with softer fabric lately. Pretty much anything that you can patch leather with that’ll make it look edgy but still chic.


Knit Top with Faux Leather Front Chicnovacom



faux jacket

Prints are always fun if they aren’t over the top. I like tribal wears and colors that can be bright but not too bold.

IMG_0812 IMG_0813


Sweaters are always fun as well if they fit you well and if you know how to shop for them. They no longer are your traditional sweaters at Walmart. These babies can be styled differently. You don’t even need much to style, just throw these only and your fashion statement is done for the day!


IMG_0814  Casual Round Neck Long Sleeve Color Block Asymmetrical Sweater For Women IMG_0817


(below) This low cut hoodie sweater with sleeveless arms are super fun to wear. I think you can pull this off during the summer nights.

Simple Design Women's Solid Color Sleeveless Hooded Sweater


The next picture with just a pain plaid red tee and plain gray front is seemingly one of my favorite picks. It may be simple but so stylist at the same time. Street stylist that is. I love the two tone color. Its such a great design. I actually wanted to order this for myself.  You can find it on bluelans.com. It is wholesale but you can buy them one piece. Just check for shipping since it is overseas.


This pair of boots or whatever you may want to call them caught my eyes. They aren’t Korean but they really stood out for me when I was searching for shoes. I know I may never be able to wear them but they are super fancy, sexy and pretty at the same time. Also, might I add that they may not look so comfortable? If anyone knows the brand, do post it down. I think its a pretty expensive brand name if I am not correct.


There isn’t anything fancy about these purses below it may seem. But I just adore them because of their shape and fun size.


Let me just say, I’ve never appreciated printed tees before but these are so cute and comfy looking to sport on a lazy Saturday afternoon.



That is about it. What are your styles and do these suit your taste?




[all photos found online. They do not belong to me. For information & entertainment only]