Sheet Masks Korean Brand Soo Ae

Long ago, I never understood the usage of sheet masks before bed. When I first tried in my teens, I thought they were a hassle and a mess. Overtime, of course, mask sheets have improved. Then I discover quality over quantity as well. Although they have been around for a long time, they have become more popular among women today. Typically Asians in the far east. Along its booming make up brands, mask sheets has also made its way into the western world.

I picked these sheet masks at my local Walmart by coincident when I was needing a current face cleansing wash. This was my first time seeing Korean brands too at Walmart. I used the deep sea water cooling mask last night and I have to say, it really made a big difference. It wasn’t your usual cheap sheets. I felt like I was in a spa getting pampered for the first time. Instructions says to leave it on for a good 20mins. I left for 30 and then lightly cleaned off my face with a paper towel. I was left with a soft yet sticky feeling but I assume normally you would need to also rinse off your face. I don’t know if it really makes a difference overtime since it was my first time using it and first night. I might try the orange vitamin I also picked up tonight and see how this one does. I would definitely try it again in the future. Although, the price was $2.50 per mask, as some may think its a little pricey but consider the quality of it. Its actually quite average. I know that I have seen some for $.99 cents sometimes in packs and have found that they were not always the best quality. Anyhow, I’d give it a 7 out of 10 if you want to look for a new mask sheet for use. I have never heard of Soo Ae but I would definitely use it again.




Random Korean Fashion review – early Autumn wear

I don’t know why I haven’t done one of these but here I go. I adore Korean fashion quite much. Let me add as well, that not all posted are from Korean sites but are inspired. I don’t find myself in them often, since come on, let’s be real they won’t carry it in my size. Sure, if it does not fit oneself to begin with, they aren’t made for me, you’d think. I don’t care. It’s still nice to be inspired. Anyhow, I still like to search and pair up styles. Here are just a few pics from online I’ve chosen as “I’d like to have in my closet” forever.

I’ve been obsessed with leather sleeves with softer fabric lately. Pretty much anything that you can patch leather with that’ll make it look edgy but still chic.


Knit Top with Faux Leather Front Chicnovacom



faux jacket

Prints are always fun if they aren’t over the top. I like tribal wears and colors that can be bright but not too bold.

IMG_0812 IMG_0813


Sweaters are always fun as well if they fit you well and if you know how to shop for them. They no longer are your traditional sweaters at Walmart. These babies can be styled differently. You don’t even need much to style, just throw these only and your fashion statement is done for the day!


IMG_0814  Casual Round Neck Long Sleeve Color Block Asymmetrical Sweater For Women IMG_0817


(below) This low cut hoodie sweater with sleeveless arms are super fun to wear. I think you can pull this off during the summer nights.

Simple Design Women's Solid Color Sleeveless Hooded Sweater


The next picture with just a pain plaid red tee and plain gray front is seemingly one of my favorite picks. It may be simple but so stylist at the same time. Street stylist that is. I love the two tone color. Its such a great design. I actually wanted to order this for myself.  You can find it on It is wholesale but you can buy them one piece. Just check for shipping since it is overseas.


This pair of boots or whatever you may want to call them caught my eyes. They aren’t Korean but they really stood out for me when I was searching for shoes. I know I may never be able to wear them but they are super fancy, sexy and pretty at the same time. Also, might I add that they may not look so comfortable? If anyone knows the brand, do post it down. I think its a pretty expensive brand name if I am not correct.


There isn’t anything fancy about these purses below it may seem. But I just adore them because of their shape and fun size.


Let me just say, I’ve never appreciated printed tees before but these are so cute and comfy looking to sport on a lazy Saturday afternoon.



That is about it. What are your styles and do these suit your taste?




[all photos found online. They do not belong to me. For information & entertainment only]

Holiday Affair # 2 – Smashbox Bronze Safari Look



I am using an Old Smashbox palette from 2011, I believe. 2nd holiday party day out with a night look in mind this week so I am using the  Safari, Pralines, Mocha and Bronze mash into this. Used the Mocha shadowing for the outer corners, here is the look. And don’t forget to base the nude as the transition color. Voila. Simple yet a glam evening seductive look.










Can do without – ELF make up brushes

Look, I always try to give anyone and everyone a chance to prove their products can work. Well, I decided to try ELF’s dollar make up brushes over the weekend and sure enough, on my first try, they were shedding off already. On my eyes and everywhere else. Its too bad because the bristle were quite soft. The photos below shows pieces if you can see. I tried my best zooming in with my cheap camera at the moment. I bought two small flat and dome brushes because I had needed more. Although  they worked well for the first time, it did cause me this issue. I have used ELF’s products in the past but the brushes were a different story.


20140906_120701 20140906_120709