Face Mask Obsession Continues: Black Charcoal Mask sheet


Getting myself spa treatments again. I went back to retrieve more masks this time in other scents. I can definitely feel the softness in my skin the next morning. The smell is quite refreshing so far and I haven’t disliked any one of them. I want to do more masks haul online in the future and compare. I am not keen to just one brand but so far, Soo Ae is doing well for me.

In this pic, I am using the black charcoal mask sheet. Trust me, it does not smell like charcoal. In fact, its my first time ever seeing a black mask but I love it so far. This one is quite thick and refreshing as well. I love how thick and drenched the masks are yet does not drip easily. I just wish they made the top a little longer for people with big foreheads like me. I had to move it around a little bit and was able to squeeze out some of the liquid to paste it around the naked areas. But overall, the masks still sat nicely on my face while I spa’d.



Sheet Masks Korean Brand Soo Ae

Long ago, I never understood the usage of sheet masks before bed. When I first tried in my teens, I thought they were a hassle and a mess. Overtime, of course, mask sheets have improved. Then I discover quality over quantity as well. Although they have been around for a long time, they have become more popular among women today. Typically Asians in the far east. Along its booming make up brands, mask sheets has also made its way into the western world.

I picked these sheet masks at my local Walmart by coincident when I was needing a current face cleansing wash. This was my first time seeing Korean brands too at Walmart. I used the deep sea water cooling mask last night and I have to say, it really made a big difference. It wasn’t your usual cheap sheets. I felt like I was in a spa getting pampered for the first time. Instructions says to leave it on for a good 20mins. I left for 30 and then lightly cleaned off my face with a paper towel. I was left with a soft yet sticky feeling but I assume normally you would need to also rinse off your face. I don’t know if it really makes a difference overtime since it was my first time using it and first night. I might try the orange vitamin I also picked up tonight and see how this one does. I would definitely try it again in the future. Although, the price was $2.50 per mask, as some may think its a little pricey but consider the quality of it. Its actually quite average. I know that I have seen some for $.99 cents sometimes in packs and have found that they were not always the best quality. Anyhow, I’d give it a 7 out of 10 if you want to look for a new mask sheet for use. I have never heard of Soo Ae but I would definitely use it again.