Late Spring-Summer makeup mini haul: Money wasted?


I don’t buy make up often anymore. At least until I’ve used up most of what I’ve got. But I finally got sucked into buying a few things at my local drugstores, Mac Store and Sephora this season. It was few a things too many and out of the things I bought, I really enjoyed only one of them. *sad face. Some of them were rebuy while some were new experiences. So what did I do with the other stuff I bought? I returned it. Well, what I could. I don’t normally do so but I realize, I don’t need to keep them. I can experience it once and if its not in my fit, I can return or ask for store credit. And after a few reasonable views, I was able to return the MAC eye concealer or in which I traded in for something else. That was the most disappointing buy for me. The concealer is thick and dry on me. Perhaps it is my skin but the color wasn’t off, I have that to say about it. And then there was Boscia eye make remover that was too oily. I am using it because I need it and need to just use it up. I won’t buy it again. I kept the MAC eye palette only because my sister actually liked the colors so I gave it to her. I don’t know if MAC has fall short on their ingredients and quality but their eye shadows I bought were a bit chalky. The pigmentation was disappointed too. You’d have to use tons of eye primer. I have bought far less pricey eye shadow with better pigmentation. I definitely kept my NYC butter lip gloss. They are nice on my lips and has great color selections. I’ve tried other similar brands and style but I always come back to them.





Is setting Translucent Powder neccessary? Laura Mercier powder review.



A lot of the times when we are on the go and have no time to press on that foundation well into our skin, another option of making sure that stays on would be setting powder. Now, I am no expert about setting powder. I know that many people depend on setting powder for that matter. I have only experienced it briefly when I am going out and plan to do a full face paint. I tend to add it under the eye as that’s the focal point in most cases.

The question now is, do we really need it? And how has it made a difference in your make up? I do see some difference for my under eye. Allow it to sit under your foundation and concealer for a few minutes and then brush it off lightly. Its purpose is to set those under make up from being removed throughout the day. I do find that certain setting products works while others don’t.

I have decided to review Laura Mercier because its a well known setting powder. Its on the pricier side but sometimes its also more concentrated on at making the best working product. Sometimes the investment makes a big difference. I wouldn’t say go out and get it now and its a must have but if you need that extra setting, its a good buy. The powder sets in and leaves a comfortable feel. I have owned lesser price powder settings and they did not work up to par. A little goes a long way with the Laura Mercier translucent powder. I bought the mini version with 0.33oz at about $23.xx at my local Sephora. I am unsure how much more product the bigger version as I understand it runs about $38.xx or so. But if you want to try a smaller amount first, the one I have would be a ideal to handle first.

Overall, I do not see it as an everday use but for those nights, it doesn’t hurt to have. Definitely not a necessary but more a luxury.



Fave Winter Luminous Cushion Fondation Ever?


Okay, I have gone through quite a few foundation this past year. I am soooo over buying expensive brands that at the end of the day all give me the same results. Year after year, I’ve been disappointed with all of them even if I am forced to finish them all since the purchases. And then I went on a halt with foundation and just used a little of CC cream to get rid of blemishes. Still, no satisfaction there.

I finally decided to pick up the L’Oreal Paris True Match Lumi Cushion Buildable Luminous Foundation at my local drugstore. This piece wasn’t cheap for a drugstore, however, I was surprised at how well it absorbed into my winter dry skin. And I love it so far! This style of compact is popular overseas in the Asian countries so I was surprised that the west is finally turning into this kind of product. I think its great accommodation to all users. The product provides a round cushion in its own compact storage, therefore, it does not sit in the foundation. I like it so far. Its very old school but still cool for me. I think we abuse using these heavy brushes sometimes which makes it easy to brush away the foundation or heavily adds more on the face then we need.

Now, there are three things I look for in a foundation. Light weight yet buildable. Hydrating but not glowy. And absolutely non-sticky. This cushion almost water-based foundation leaves quite a nice feeling on my skin afterwards.  It dries quite nicely so moist won’t bother you. I did not use any setting powder this time. Now, you may not see me sporting it in the summer because it can be extra dewy but I want to try it out this season anyway. I would love an all around foundation without switching. Let me know your thoughts if you have been using it as well.

Current fab Covergirl Colorliscious Lipsticks


Just wanted to rave about a current fave. These lip goodies aren’t new but it is a latest trend use of mine right now. In color #260 heavenly paradisiaque and #205 smolder flamboiement, I use them separately and together. Recently at an outlet store, I found these for half the price of $2.50-$3.00, that are being sold at the regular drugstore. They are semi-sheer and not quite matte but leave a buttery feel so it does not dry out easily. It is perfect for the beginning of a new year when I am getting ready for the spring but still cool enough for the winter crisp on my lips.

IMG_3182 (1)

Japanese Make-up Daiso Haul & some


Hello, a minute has gone by and I haven’t done much damage, however, boredom on a Sunday afternoon brought me to Daiso. It doesn’t help that I live so close as well. If you aren’t aware already, Daiso is a Japanese almost “Dollar Tree or .99 cent” store version. Of course, prices can vary in the bigger Daiso stores. I’ve done a similar haul like this a few years back. It hasn’t changed much but I’ve discovered new things. The store is known for $1.50 on most items. I know for a fact thought that I have not spent more then $10 for any item there before. Even when I visited the Gigantic 2 floors Daiso in Canada, prices were reasonable. I would have to say the quality of their products are likely much better as well. They sell from snacks to house ware stuff and even make up of all things. Here’s a mini peek and review of the make up rounds I made. And some on the receipt.

The Damage

I decided to do a mini haul along the make up aisle. And like many previous strolls, there are usually the same products and brands. I am not familiar with Japanese Daiso brands too much but I recognize the products from time to time.



Liquid Eyeliner Dip
Neutral Rose shimmer Eye Palette
Can never have too many Mascaras


Block thick Crayon-like Eyeliner Pencil

The make up reminded me of ELF brand. Now if you are one who doesn’t require a lot of pigment, this may be the place for you. Otherwise, you can try it once and pass it on, especially for the shadow palette. Because I am going to a very tropical place in December, I figured these colors would go well with the theme.

I bought these make up to try and to carry on with me on an upcoming trip in December which I will be blogging and vlogging about in the near future. Stay connected with me here and find out where I’m headed next !!! ->

I think its safe to say after spending $26.xx at this store, including some snacks and other items, it wasn’t too bad. The fun part was looking at items that were so essentially useful in our daily lives but we never think about buying. Such as these boot stand holders, shoe gel soles or cute mugs with covers.


First Time Panning


Make up shadows that is. I recently bought a Z-palette finally and decided to take out shadows I had abandon temporarily. I figured if I can put them all in one, I’d use them more often. Love this new palette I have by the way. Sleek, simple, cute and convenient. It was approximately about $20.00 after tax and shipping through Amazon. I know they may sell them anywhere and for different prices. But the quality of this was fair. I was worried about the magnet longevity but this one does not seem like it will fail on me later on. Anyhow, this is pretty much my process.


You will need a thin tool to be able to pull these babies out. Some jumped right out while others took a little more effort. I was not able to complete more tonight but its in process and I am enjoying it a lot. Would love tips from anyone who does this often and practice the fastest way to get them out.

A Coastal Scents first time Purchase

My babies came finally in the mail. It is my first time purchase from Coastal Scents. I needed new brushes and a friend recommended these brushes. So far, they are ok. If you don’t need heavy pick ups, they work ok. I haven’t experienced any shedding of brush hair and that is my worse pet peeve when it comes to make up.And then while shopping online for brushes, I got sucked into buying some semi-loose shimmer eye make up too. T-T I have not tried using them yet but I will have to do a next show first impression next time. I admit this summer has been so hot in town, I’ve limited on using so much make up. My face has also gotten so tan as well. Anyhow, love it or not, the brushes are staying put until I decide to get fancier ones. I try not to keep too many brushes around anymore. They take up time to clean and they get dirty quickly. Not to mention, I lose them too easily. So going cheap is okay sometimes. For 22 brushes, I got them for under 20.xx bucks. Not bad at all. I was so worried they be too good to be true. I’ve had bad luck with ELF and other cheap brands. Its ok, you get to experience the worse only at the beginning as you get better in make up.




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