Coffee break: Stairway to Heaven ???


An incredible idea came upon me tonight as I browsed through designing your own home. It is not that time yet for me but I always thought that I would at least have a decent walk in closet. However, I did not imagine this much above. When I found this photo, I automatically thought about stairway to heaven as every girl dreamt about a closet bigger than their bedroom. I do not know if I would fill up that whole room. But then again, if I was able to afford such a place, who wouldn’t be able to fill it up and some.

Anyhow, this post was not about the huge closet or materials inside the photo, rather the inspiration to keep on dreaming as big as you can. Even if not all dreams are reached, its the dreams that continue to keep us alive.



Coffee Break: Building the Life you want with Inspiration

There may be no way in this lifetime can I afford to live in the Southern California coast with the every day sun, palm trees and surfer boys. Not how I would in my dreams anyway. But I sure can bring inspiration into a house I would like to build.
I was browsing through Zillow tonight for some inspiration in my art and writing. I use to think that living in a traditional home was my style. Not any longer. I rather be in a clean contemporary new home with lots of light coming through big windows.

Whats so special about these homes below that may all seem to look alike down south? Nothing really. But I am a big fan of living on top of garage that are built this way. I know it is common across the nation but having that split living levels keeps me secure in a way. You can tell someone really well by the home they choose sometimes. People with a lot of light and open windows are quite secure in their lifestyle. While others with limited windows and lots of gates, need security, inside and out. Well, I am rediscovering myself and it is harder to not live in an area that is not gated. We know gates can’t protect us but it is a sense of territory and protection I suppose. Regardless, I like alot of light too. I just prefer not to have glass doors especially on the 1st floor.



Here is the thing about these two pictures below. I admire the different entrance it has from the traditional homes. It screams a welcoming home.
Open floor plans are the thing of the decade right now and I myself like it too. Of course, a straight plain box doesn’t cut it for me but if you give me some dimension in the open space, I can work with my imagination. Staircases are nice too. Who doesn’t love big staircases?!




 Give me an open space and time, I will throw some colors into it.




This open backyard or atrium balcony gives anyone that opportunity to brighten the mood. Its a great place to end the night with dinner and wine. I would def spend every evening out there under the stars with Christmas lights on.




 This picture below may look plain but it does not need much. The windows itself gives it so much light and warmth. I like the cooperation of the backdrop nature. I would eat breakfast here everyday with my morning coffee too. I feel like a little kid all over again with the Christmas lights on a tree.




 I posted this bedroom picture because I ADORE the white with glass light stand. Its chic, feminine and beautiful. Now its on my DIY bucket list. Or I can just look for something similar.


The only time I adore French doors for my bedroom and with this kind of 2nd level beach scene, I can totally get use to it. 


Cr: Zillow photos (CRMLS) 

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DIY scrap infinity scarves

Got old shirts you no longer fit, wear or just don’t like? Don’t throw them away! I hate throwing old clothes away if I know I can use them for something if not for rags to mop the floor. Now, here’s a quick run down on what I made tonight. This idea has been recycled so many times but it works and if you don’t want to waste money on same kind of idea, don’t!
Winter is here and I love infinity scarves of all kinds so I decided to add different trends, styles and colors to my collection. This is just one of the many DIY scarves I am working on. Tune back for more styles I will be playing with. There really isn’t any wrong way of doing this. Just have fun. If you aren’t fans of heavy scarves but still want enough warmth around the neck,  this is a perfect DIY project.

Things you will need: Scissors, Shirt

Depending on how you’d also like your trims, start cutting off your shirt in half. 
I start from one underarm to the other.
Then keep the lower half and start trimming pieces as shown, as thick or thin as you’d like. 
I made them all uneven to my results. It does not have to be perfect.
My second shirt-into-an-infinity-scarf.
Made this one shorter because it was more about the neck  then the strings.

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Closet wishlist ..

I may not come to close of getting a gigantic wardrobe but one lady can dream. And dreaming can come true someday. Or at least close to it. I was reading yahoo news and came across Celine Dion’s closet, or partial as seen on the Ellen DeGeneres show. We haven’t really seen or heard from this Canadian singer for a while but I am a great fan. Loved her in the 90s! Anyway, I got inspired and decided to Google more photos of an ideal closet I admire. Perhaps in the near future as I buy my house, I can build one, even if its just one corner of what these celeb’s have.

Celine’s pad – I love white

There’s too much going on for me in here and too many mirrors freak me (haha, I know) but I love the chandelier

This can be so ideal with the aisles. It looks like a shopping spree!

Like wow, I can just live in this closet then

Feels like I am in a  mall. I love this showcase. So pink and pretty.

These are all fun and interesting chandeliers I’d like to have in my house. The first one has got to be the most fun. I love colors and this one would really pop in my family room or foyer.

I can see the gray, black and white lights in my hallways and dining as well as my bedroom too. The give off a Christmassy light feel with the first two black and white pictures. I am not a formal person but I would not mind having them in my place.

Disclaimer: Photos are credited to online and their rightful owner.
None belongs to this site but to share blogger’s inspiration.

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Simple Bridal Shower Delights

Back from a family bridal shower yesterday and what a nice day it was for it. It was a simple and semi-formal backyard theme with traditional white, cream and tint of pink and gold colors. The tables were decorated with simple white roses and baby breaths and random candle holders that can be found at your local craft or dollar store since everyone was on a budget. My favorite time was probably the punch and then drinks brought by the sister of the groom. I had me a few. Wait, let’s not forget the food served as well. It was just right, not too heavy and not too light. A lot of the things were hand made as well as the cupcakes. Lots of effort for a small gathering. We got to share a few laughs and games. I would have likely made it a bigger event and showered it with a little more decors but I wouldn’t say this was a fail for the girls. Another sister gone but more family gain!

For affordable and sexy treats – dipped chocolate strawberries

Simple dollar glass, candle holders and jars

Bridal party shoe give away

Find these deals at your local Farmers Market

$5.00 semi sweet red wine @ Trader Joe’s

Game time

Gifts opening time

Bride’s desk

Handmade wedding dress shaped cupcakes – vanilla

Homemade peach Fruit Punch

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DIY Sashay-Starbella yarn Scarves

Ah, finally. Its that time of year again for scarves, hats and hot cocoa! Ive been wanting to do this forever as I do all my projects but this time around, this was shown to me by a fellow coworker. Sashay scarves has been around for a few years in popularity choice. However, some either love or hate making them because it seems chaotic at first. You do need attention to details. But its mighty easy at the same time. You can’t be afraid of this kind of needle, even non-crocheters can learn to do this within minutes. Im posting it the easiest perhaps non-traditional way ever but it works. Whats so easy about this is that the yarn is partially done for you. In the picture below shows you a roll of yarn just bought from the store, however once you unravel it, it will spread out like a net. And for all your crocheters, this should be simple for you! For newbies, I hope this helps but I do suggest youtubing because there are tons of how tos if my photos aren’t too clear. I will try to explain as simple and best as I can. 
Things you will need – 

1) Red Heart Sashay yarn or you may also try Starbella yarn (as seen in pic above
($4.xx-7.xx @ Walmart or Joanne’s craft store)
2) Crochet hook, size k or J (Another similar size if dont have size) Ive noticed that since I make mines so loose, smaller hooks are better for me most times)

When you arrived on the 7th loop, make sure you carry all loops back into one by one til you get to the last loop. If you’d like it to be a bit more scrunchy , you may loop more than 7 at a time before you return to where you started. **10-12 loops are more favorables and better on sashay yarns. Since Im working on a starbella type yarn, I like less loops. After every finished 7th loops, you start all over again unto next hole to make 7 more. Until you get to the length desired, then you can cut yarn and tie knot at end. If you think you’ve missed count, its ok because its hard to define the mistakes in these scarves. But keep practicing, remember it only makes it perfect. 

More to my collection!

I call this, “the messy grudge look” 


DIY: makeup brush tin holder

You know when you accumulate too many makeup brushes overtime and need better storage for them…well, here’s a quick & easy storage you can make in minutes. Made this baby out of an old tin can that was a tea box. The tin can was so nice that I did not want to throw it away. So I threw this quick DIY together when I found a bag of coffee beans laying around. I couldn’t take off the labels on the tin easily so I made my own pretty cover up and added a ribbon as an accent. You can always do it out of a glass bowl or some sort too if you have that laying around unused. Just find a nice ribbon in your craft collection and tie that over the object holder for a nice look.

Things you will need 
Tin can or glass bowl
Coffee beans
glue gun/ basic glue or tape
paper or fabric cover up

Cover up your tin with a fabric or printed paper for a do me up and to cover the old label. Use glue gun for the fabric and basic glue or tape for the paper.  And then wrap it up with a simple ribbon as seen how I did mine. I glued that around once. Throw in your beans and voila! You may use glass rocks for storing if you do not like the smell of coffee beans. Sometimes the smell will stick around a little stronger than wanted, however the smell will eventually die down as you leave the bean in open air. It also stores and hold better with makeup tools then glass rocks does in my opinion.