Big Girls need Fashion Sense too


Today while rummaging through my closet full of dresses, blouses and tons of cardigans, I realize hitting 40 soon has really changed my style. I use to be a lot more “hip” in my own sense. But being hip accommodates your age. I still feel in my 20’s but staring at my closet, I definitely am reminded I am no longer so. I have collected more cardigans in the past few years that I’d ever imagine. There is nothing wrong with that, however, the thing is I use to hate cardigans and sweaters. That was in my 20’s through my mid-30’s. And then one day, I discovered how nice they can made me..feel. Not look. Mind you that I am only 39. I am not ‘old’ yet however, I need to get out of my “20s” mind set and start taking better care of myself physical. Here are a few things and ideas I have been brainstorming about changing my fashion sense, while I present my age comfortably. And more importantly, improve one’s confidence.

1) Accessorize with jewelries and scarves. I mean clean and nice necklace statements that will make me look a little more formal or neatly dressed. I don’t like earrings much. I will do rings and necklaces. Scarves are my favorites but its not something you can wear all year round. I do enjoy them mensely during the winter.

2) Change my hairstyle. If you know me, I have really thin and flat hair. I discover recently that it is okay to buy additional fake hair extension to volumize it. For the longest time, I didn’t know what to do with my hair anymore but pull it back in a pony tail. This continue to make me look older then I am. If you don’t like extensions, sometimes, a new hairdo or cut can change your look. Try it. Hair grows back.

3) Lastly, find time to spa treat yourself. After a long day of bustling school or work, home and family, I appreciate a me time now. I always took for granted because I would refuse to pamper myself and think it was a waste of money. But now, I cant wait for my next session. Holidays are coming up so I am booking one for myself. No matter what age, losing yourself with some me time can change your style. Even if its temporarily, every moment counts.


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