Face Mask Obsession Continues: Black Charcoal Mask sheet


Getting myself spa treatments again. I went back to retrieve more masks this time in other scents. I can definitely feel the softness in my skin the next morning. The smell is quite refreshing so far and I haven’t disliked any one of them. I want to do more masks haul online in the future and compare. I am not keen to just one brand but so far, Soo Ae is doing well for me.

In this pic, I am using the black charcoal mask sheet. Trust me, it does not smell like charcoal. In fact, its my first time ever seeing a black mask but I love it so far. This one is quite thick and refreshing as well. I love how thick and drenched the masks are yet does not drip easily. I just wish they made the top a little longer for people with big foreheads like me. I had to move it around a little bit and was able to squeeze out some of the liquid to paste it around the naked areas. But overall, the masks still sat nicely on my face while I spa’d.



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