Late Spring-Summer makeup mini haul: Money wasted?


I don’t buy make up often anymore. At least until I’ve used up most of what I’ve got. But I finally got sucked into buying a few things at my local drugstores, Mac Store and Sephora this season. It was few a things too many and out of the things I bought, I really enjoyed only one of them. *sad face. Some of them were rebuy while some were new experiences. So what did I do with the other stuff I bought? I returned it. Well, what I could. I don’t normally do so but I realize, I don’t need to keep them. I can experience it once and if its not in my fit, I can return or ask for store credit. And after a few reasonable views, I was able to return the MAC eye concealer or in which I traded in for something else. That was the most disappointing buy for me. The concealer is thick and dry on me. Perhaps it is my skin but the color wasn’t off, I have that to say about it. And then there was Boscia eye make remover that was too oily. I am using it because I need it and need to just use it up. I won’t buy it again. I kept the MAC eye palette only because my sister actually liked the colors so I gave it to her. I don’t know if MAC has fall short on their ingredients and quality but their eye shadows I bought were a bit chalky. The pigmentation was disappointed too. You’d have to use tons of eye primer. I have bought far less pricey eye shadow with better pigmentation. I definitely kept my NYC butter lip gloss. They are nice on my lips and has great color selections. I’ve tried other similar brands and style but I always come back to them.





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