Is setting Translucent Powder neccessary? Laura Mercier powder review.



A lot of the times when we are on the go and have no time to press on that foundation well into our skin, another option of making sure that stays on would be setting powder. Now, I am no expert about setting powder. I know that many people depend on setting powder for that matter. I have only experienced it briefly when I am going out and plan to do a full face paint. I tend to add it under the eye as that’s the focal point in most cases.

The question now is, do we really need it? And how has it made a difference in your make up? I do see some difference for my under eye. Allow it to sit under your foundation and concealer for a few minutes and then brush it off lightly. Its purpose is to set those under make up from being removed throughout the day. I do find that certain setting products works while others don’t.

I have decided to review Laura Mercier because its a well known setting powder. Its on the pricier side but sometimes its also more concentrated on at making the best working product. Sometimes the investment makes a big difference. I wouldn’t say go out and get it now and its a must have but if you need that extra setting, its a good buy. The powder sets in and leaves a comfortable feel. I have owned lesser price powder settings and they did not work up to par. A little goes a long way with the Laura Mercier translucent powder. I bought the mini version with 0.33oz at about $23.xx at my local Sephora. I am unsure how much more product the bigger version as I understand it runs about $38.xx or so. But if you want to try a smaller amount first, the one I have would be a ideal to handle first.

Overall, I do not see it as an everday use but for those nights, it doesn’t hurt to have. Definitely not a necessary but more a luxury.




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